joey blue, LISW
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One World One Heart Foundation

is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the following objectives:

  • Restoration of the old Gompa’s (places of spiritual worship, monasteries) in the Langtang region of Nepal.
  • Education in Kathmandu for young children living in isolated regions where education is not available for them. 

  • Build local schools.

  • Establish a program to help women and children develop skills that will assist them in finding work to support themselves and their families.

      joey blue and Karla Joy Demers are the
     co-founders of:

      One World
One Heart Foundation

During their travels to Nepal, they have developed several deep relationships with the families in this area.  They have been touched by the intense sense of spirituality and beliefs the people of Nepal have instilled in their culture.  It is their belief that, together with these donations, we can all bring about some world healing through helping others.

Please visit our website at:
for photos and more information about our foundation.

One World One Heart Foundation
P.O. BOX 1840, RANCHOS DE TAOS, NM 87557   















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